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A. Recruitment Services
We help you in locating the right people for open positions in your organization. We have learnt through experience and are sure that you have too, the best candidates are the ones who are mostly happy with their jobs and may not have the time or the inclination to actively pursue a job change. But when they are interested in something better, they usually tell us.

We are geared to building a database of these high caliber professionals. So when you need a specific profile, we already have a list of the most suitable candidates even when they are not actively seeking a change.

What do we do when you need to recruit talented people for your organization?
  1. We solicit a requisition from you in the form of a job description.
  2. We create a job profile in collaboration with your HR and job owner
  3. Locate suitable candidates from our active databases and referrals
  4. Conduct personal or telephonic discussions with candidates by honestly presenting the opportunity to them.
  5. Assess their profile and ensure that they meet your minimum requirements and validate their information as well as genuine keenness in the offered position.
  6. We endeavor to refer a panel of candidates to you, closely matching your requirements.
  7. Coordinate interviews as per your selection process and assist in on-boarding as per time lines.

We refer candidates of the appropriate technical and behavioral profile specified by you and assist in all interactions with the candidate till the time of joining.

Levels and domains
We are customer specific and will effectively search for candidates for our clients from CEOs to entry level positions across all domains. However, we specialize in middle to senior positions.

Industry focus
We serve clients in domains that include Manufacturing, IT & ITES, Infrastructure, Accounting & Finance, Oil & Gas and Hospitality.

We source candidates primarily through referrals but also through paid and free databases and professional networking sites. We also build our own database through strategic job postings and advertisements.

Screening & validation
Each CV is screened and vetted by our panel before it is accepted in our active database. Additional information required for validation is collected through forms, checklists and personal interactions with candidates. In cases where intensive evaluation is required for specific high end skill sets we may use the services of empanelled subject matter experts.

Reference Checks
We can conduct discreet reference checks as a value added service if requisitioned by clients.

B. Compensation Surveys

We can help you in formulating a compensation and benefits strategy for your business by studying your salary structures and comparing them with prevalent industry norms.

  • Survey compensation and benefits within industry comparables with a pan India perspective and with specific reference to your present and planned employment positions.
  • Benchmark your HR practices, specifically, compensation & benefits with industry comparables.
  • Recommend to you, based on survey data, optimal strategies for recruiting and retaining talent.

You may consult with our team

  • To gather information regarding the industry standards
  • To know more about the market rate i.e. compensation offered by the competitors
  • To design a fair compensation system
  • To design and implement most competitive reward strategies
  • To benchmark the compensation strategies
  • To design benefits programs.

C. Training Programs

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions to help your business achieve and sustain a competitive edge. Our qualified training team has extensive experience of designing and delivering business and skills training across India.

Professional Training Workshops
Our workshops provide intensive support for your team, instantly upgrading their skill sets. Choose from a wide range of intensive programs.

Assertiveness Workshop

“Every time we speak we choose and use one of four basic communication styles : assertive, aggressive,passive and passive-aggressive”- Rim John

“The practice of assertiveness ; being authentic in our dealings with others, treating our values and persons with decent respect in social contexts, refusing to fake the reality of who we are or what we esteem to avoid disapproval, the willingness to stand up to ourselves and our ideas in appropriate ways in appropriate contexts” –Nathaniel Branden.

Description :Being assertive without being aggressive is a trait which can be learnt and put to use in our interactions and communications both in our personal and professional lives. This program takes you through a critical understanding of communication styles and develops ability to communicate and behave in an appropriately assertive style.
  • Gain an understanding of communication styles
  • Identify your own communication style through examples, situational role plays and observation.
  • Learn to use various communication styles in day-to-day situations in the office and personal spheres.
  • Develop your own personal assertive communication and behavioral style.
  • Understand the role of body language and use this understanding in your communication
MethodologyGroup interactive, participative idea development, role plays, games and theatrics
Who should attendAssertiveness Workshop is designed for people at all levels. A cross functional group of 15 to 20 people covering different levels is ideal. The workshop can also be designed for separate hierarchical levels in the organization
DurationOne Day

Effective Interview Skills

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner” – Zig Ziglar
Course TitleEffective Interview Skills
Description :Facing a job interview requires a lot of preparation and this training program prepares you as a candidate for the different interview scenarios which emerge. It gives you an insight into the interviewer’s mind and helps you go through the interview with confidence.
  • Learn to face interviews with confidence and with a positive attitude.
  • Learn about typical interview questions and how to answer them
  • Learn about dressing for the interview and display positive body language
  • Learn how to research the interviewer’s company and ask questions
  • Learn how to effectively control and lead the interview.
  • Learn how to avoid typical interview blunders, spot leading questions and react intelligently.
  • Learn how to negotiate salaries
MethodologyIndividual or group training. Instructional and case study oriented. Video recordings are used effectively to help you observe yourself in an interview situation
Who should attendIndividuals or groups
DurationOne Day

Effective Recruitment

Effective Recruitment
Right selection is an investment in the future and in today’s intensely competitive environment employers cannot afford a high human resource turnover which is more often than not caused by a ‘mis-match’ of expectations on both sides – the employer and the employee.

Turnover ratios have a direct bearing on the overall performance of the organization. Therefore, if these issues are not addressed at the initial stages of selection and induction the organization would have to expend time, energy and cost for frequent human resource replenishments. Right selection could well be the ‘competitive edge’ for any organization.
Description :Recruiting the right person for the right job in a cost effective way is a challenge which HR teams face regularly. Recruiting right is a crucial stage in building the company’s talent pool. Its not always about recruiting the ‘best’ but the ‘best-fit’
  • Gain an insight into the talent identification and recruitment process.
  • Understand the importance of the job description and learn to do a Job Analysis.
  • Understand the ramifications of the job in the organization and how it will effect the department and the organizational hierarchy.
  • Get a brief overview of recruitment tools, reading ‘between the lines ‘ in a CV, use of job portals, campus interviews, modifying the recruitment process for senior level recruitments and ‘head hunting’ strategy.
  • Learn how to organize interviews and conduct interviews in an effective way.
  • Understand the post-interview process and do a ‘full-cycle’ recruitment.
  • Understand the ‘onboarding’ process, employee – orientation, engagement and retention strategies.
MethodologyParticipative and instructional
Who should attendEffective Recruitment Program is designed for Human Resource personnel, particularly the Recruitment Team. Ideally the front-line recruiting team and team leaders should attend
DurationTwo Day

Effective Report Writing

“Writing is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent elimination” – Lois Brooks
“Write quickly and you will never write well. Write well, and you will soon write quickly”-Marcus Fabius Quintilianus
Description :The importance of reports cannot be ever underestimated because crucial management decisions are based on reports. Any manager who needs reports in order to get the facts on which to base decisions will realize the importance of reports. An investment on an effective report writing workshop for senior and middle management will obtain returns far greater than the costs involved.
  • Why write reports ?
  • Who should receive reports in the Company ?
  • Understand ‘content’. What are the different kinds of reports?
  • How should reports be organized ? Which format to choose?
  • The 5 steps of report writing –Define the need, Gather information, Analyse, Organize and Write.
  • Data Presentation in a report
  • Conclusions and Recommendations.
  • Brevity and Style, Fog Index of a report.
MethodologyParticipative and instructional, Practical (writing and presentation)
Who should attendEveryone who writes and peruses reports should attend the workshop.
DurationTwo Day

Team Cohesiveness Workshop (Outdoors)

“Teamwork is the ability to work towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results” – Andrew Carnegie
Description :This is an outdoors program conducted by specialists at a white-water rafting campsite away from the familiar workplace environment. It offers a range of benefits – a refreshing change from the workplace, physically and mentally challenging situations, high adrenaline activities, all of which culminate in a long lasting cohesive team…itching to get going at the workplace.
  • Enhance cross-functional team bonding and lay the foundation of productivity and cohesive functioning at the workplace.
  • Explore inter-personal aspects in the context of ‘self’ and ‘team’
  • Stretch physical and mental limits of participants through a process of self discovery.
  • Break barriers of ego, communication and personality in cross-functional teams
  • Enhance self esteem, self worth and trust.
MethodologyParticipative, group activity oriented outdoors workshop based on experiential learning.
Who should attendCross-functional and multi level teams
Duration2-3 Days


Most companies don't publicize all their requirements. They neither have the time to do that nor the time to validate all the responses that they get. They just rely on a trusted few consultants like us to close these positions. By availing our services, you have a chance to put forward your candidature for employment at some of the best companies in India and overseas. When you decide to make a career move, you should approach us even if you do not have a CV ready. We will guide you through all the steps involved in a job-shift right from making a CV to negotiating and finalizing an offer.

The first logical step in a career move is the preparation of your CV, and we can assist you in this exercise. A CV is a statement of your professional capabilities and strengths, supported by brief details about your roles and accomplishments. A CV should elicit enough interest in the person who reviews it and win you a personal meeting. It is important to spend adequate time and thought in preparing a CV. Our vast experience in evaluating CVs and candidates, profiling and mapping skills, matching skills to jobs enables us to help you with answers for the questions that most candidates have about making a CV:
  • How to prepare a CV? What is mandatory information that must I furnish? And what information should I avoid?
  • What should my CV highlight?
  • Is this CV relevant to the job that I am applying for? What modifications does it need?
  • Does my CV adequately reflect my strengths without being immodest?
Our experience suggests that even the choice of font and its size can make a difference to the impact a CV makes. A CV is meant for a wide range of people and adequate care must be taken while preparing it to create a good "first impression".

Once you are ready with a CV that creates the right impression about you, we will provide you with information about the existing and emerging opportunities, counsel you on ways of approaching them and facilitate the process wherever we can.

Submit CV
Every day we get tens of new requirements from our clients. And we manage to close many of them through our existing database of candidates. Often, we do not post all the requirements online. We can facilitate your placement better if you can send us your CV.

By posting your CV, you ensure that we don’t miss your candidature when we have a position that you may be best suited for. When your post your resumé here, we will create a profile for our database and contact you as soon as we find an assignment that meets your need. When your CV is posted here, you can also opt to get periodic updates of positions that match your profile for which you can place your application online.

To post your CV, you must first register yourself. The entire process of registration and posting CV takes about ten minutes. It is very important for us to understand your profile well, so that we offer you the right opportunity and facilitate your placement.