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How to deal with employment gaps in your resume' ?

If you are a job seeker who has a gap in employment history you might be at a disadvantage. But there are positive ways to deal with the issue during the job interview. This article will help you in dealing with the issue very effectively

Employee Departures

This article is meant for HR professionals and provides a few pointers on how to handle and manage employee resignations.

Is EQ the new IQ ?

IQ Tests were devised as back as 1904 to determine chances of success in academics and professions but for over a decade psychologists and HR professionals have been talking about the importance of EQ as a success factor. It is believed that one is born with a definite IQ but the good news is that EQ can be improved. This article discusses IQ and EQ as independent factors and offers a few tips on increasing your emotional intelligence.

How 'Likeable' are you ?

We yearn to be liked by others and be a popular figure. This article talks about what likeability or amiability is all about. What exactly makes a person popular and sought after in the social or professional environment ? Is likeability a personality trait ? Can one do something to be liked by others ? A simple Amiability Test at the end of the article may help you in getting a better popularity rating with the people you live and work with. Its a fun test - Try it !